You asked: Why do tourist visit different places give example?

Tourists’ expectations when visiting a particular place are related to several features of the chosen destination: culture, architecture, gastronomy, infrastructure, landscape, events, shopping, etc. These features attract people to the destination and contribute to the overall experience of the trip.

Why do we visit tourist places?

It helps us to learn the history and cultural heritage of the place that is passed on to the people from generation to generation. It helps us to learn the heritage and culture of our own land too. We enjoy tourism because each place provides us with a unique experience and various different facilities.

Which places do tourist visit?

20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the World

  • Eiffel Tower, Paris. Spring flowers in front of the Eiffel Tower. …
  • The Colosseum, Rome. The Colosseum. …
  • Statue of Liberty, New York City. Statue of Liberty. …
  • Machu Picchu, Peru. …
  • The Acropolis, Athens. …
  • The Taj Mahal, India. …
  • Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. …
  • Great Wall of China.

Where in the world is the best place to visit?

World’s Best Places to Visit

  • South Island, New Zealand.
  • Paris.
  • Bora Bora.
  • Maui.
  • Tahiti.
  • London.
  • Rome.
  • Phuket.

What is the most visited place?

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the most visited city in the world thanks to a whopping 22 millions international visitors!

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Where is the most tourist places in the world?

Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals

Rank Destination International tourist arrivals (2018)
1 France 89.4 million
2 Spain 82.8 million
3 United States 79.7 million
4 China 62.9 million

What is the most visited place in India?

10 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in India

  • Agra. The main reason for Agra being one of the top most visited destinations in India is Taj Mahal. …
  • Ajanta and Ellora Caves. …
  • Goa. …
  • Kanyakumari. …
  • Jaipur. …
  • Kerala. …
  • Delhi. …
  • Darjeeling.

What is the most touristic city in the world?

Global travel is one of the largest industries in the world. Whether for pleasure or business, visiting international cities is becoming more and more popular.

10. Istanbul – 13,433,000 visitors.

Rank 1
City Hong Kong
Country China
Tourist Arrivals (2018) 29,262,700

Which city attracts the most tourists?

With all that in mind, here are the rankings of the top 10 global destination cities of 2018.

  • Bangkok: 22.78 million.
  • Paris: 19.1 million.
  • London: 19.09 million.
  • Dubai: 15.93 million.
  • Singapore: 14.67 million.
  • Kuala Lumpur: 13.79 million.
  • New York: 13.6 million.
  • Istanbul: 13.4 million.