Who is Australia’s longest serving foreign minister?

When the Howard Government came to power in 1996, Downer was made Minister for Foreign Affairs. He served until the government’s defeat in 2007, making him the longest-serving foreign minister in Australian history.

Who is the foreign affairs minister in Australia?

Marise Payne was appointed Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs on 28 August 2018. A Senator for NSW since 1997, she has more than two decades’ parliamentary experience including 12 years’ membership of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade.

Where was Alexander Downer born?

His most widely acknowledged successes as foreign minister were his initiation of the UN peace plan for Cambodia, and the roles that he and Australia played in bringing to fruition the International Chemical Weapons Convention and establishing both the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and the ASEAN …

Where does Marise Payne come from?

Marise Ann Payne (born 29 July 1964) is an Australian politician who has been Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Morrison Government since 2018 and Minister for Women since 2019. She has been a Senator for New South Wales since 1997, representing the Liberal Party.

How old is Marise?

Mike Rann acted as Australia’s Ambassador to Italy, San Marino, Albania and Libya. He is also Australia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization and World Food Programme. As of 2020, he works as a business consultant for the Rann Strategy Group.

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How long was Alexander Downer prime minister?

Downer pledged his support to Howard and said he would “kneecap” anyone who undermined Howard’s second attempt at winning the prime ministership. With a tenure of just over eight months, Downer is to date the shortest-serving leader of the federal Liberal Party.

Where does the Australian High Commissioner live?

It is located in Australia House, a Grade II listed building.

High Commission of Australia, London.

High Commission of Australia in London
Location Aldwych, London
Address Strand, London
Coordinates 51°30′46.4″N 0°6′56.6″WCoordinates: 51°30′46.4″N 0°6′56.6″W
High Commissioner George Brandis

Where does Gareth Evans live?

He lived in Jakarta with his wife, Maya, and their daughter, Sophie, until the family moved back to Wales in 2015.

How old is Gareth Evans?

About 42 years (1980)
Гарет Эванс/Возраст
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