Question: How can Indians get Jordan visa?

Does Indian citizen need visa for Jordan?

Indian National holding a valid Indian passport can apply for Jordan Visa. … Person wishes to travel to Jordan for the purpose of Tourism/Family or friends Visit/Business can apply visa through us. Person who seeks employment in Jordan is not eligible to apply through us.

Can Indian passport holders travel to Jordan?

Jordan tourist visa is required for citizens of India. … All applicants must apply in person at the nearest Embassy of Jordan .

How do I get a Jordan visa?

You will need to get in contact with the closest Jordanian Embassy in order to obtain a visa before you arrive. You will need to get in contact with the closest Jordanian Embassy in order to obtain a visa before you arrive. Visa can be obtained upon arrival.

How much does Jordan visa cost?

The Jordanian visa issued upon arrival currently costs 40 JD (approximately 56 USD) for a single entry with one-month validity.

Can Indians enter Jordan now?

Jordanians follow a strict protocol for Indians arriving in Jordan. As long as you produce all the required documents, you are good to go. Failure to produce any of the documents may result into rejection of your visa, thereby barring you from entering the country.

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Can Indian work in Jordan?


The ever surging economy of Jordan is offering many opportunities for skilled and non-skilled professionals from India. Basis the skill set, professional qualification, you possess, you can hunt for a job in Jordan.

Is it expensive in Jordan?

If you’re planning a trip to Jordan and wonder: is Jordan expensive? Then the answer is: Yes. Traveling Jordan on a budget is not easy and the country is much more expensive than other places in the region.

How can I get work permit in Jordan?

Fill out the Work Permit Form.

  1. Fill out the computer application form designated to non-Jordanian workers.
  2. Submit a request from the ministry of interior on receiving non-Jordanian workers.
  3. Work contract (two copies).
  4. Personal photographs (1).
  5. Medical check-up from the ministry of health for renewing it.

Is Jordan safe to visit?

Compared to many of its neighbors in the Middle East, Jordan is an exceptionally safe country to visit. … In fact, the Jordanian government puts a lot of effort and money into making visitors feel safe through high-profile security and police presence in tourist regions and in hotels.

How long does it take to get Jordan visa?

Citizens may obtain a Jordanian visa upon arrival at the airport in Jordan or at the Embassy. Note: Visa processing at the embassy takes approximately (5) business days. ourists (Group or Individuals) who have a valid Jordan Pass are exempt of entry visa fees.

Do I need a PCR to enter Jordan?

***Effective December 12, 2021, all travelers to Jordan must take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Jordan in addition to a pre-travel PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival to Jordan. The cost for the PCR test upon arrival is 28 JD.

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Does Australian need visa for Jordan?

Australians can use the Jordan Pass for up to 12 months from the issue date. Please be advised that the Jordan Pass for Australian visitors is not a visa. Although this document grants entry to the country’s attractions and covers the visa fee, an actual visa must be also requested.

How long can I stay in Jordan visa?

A Jordan Visa on Arrival is issued for a maximum of 30 days, and for a single entry. If you want to stay longer, you have to apply for an Embassy visa, which can be issued for double-, and multiple entries and allows a stay of up to six months.

Is Jordan visa free?

Visitors to Jordan must obtain a visa from a Jordanian diplomatic mission unless they come from one of the 10 visa-exempt countries and territories or one of the 120 countries and territories whose citizens are eligible for a visa on arrival.

Can I get a visa for Jordan Online?

The electronic visa for Jordan is available through a simplified online tourist package named the Jordan Pass, eliminates the need to wait in long border lines to submit a visa on arrival application, and allows expedited entry to the country at Jordanian immigration control.