Is Naples Florida safe for tourists?

Naples is a very safe city in 2021 compared to the rest of Florida and the Nation. Low crime rates and safe downtown streets are the norm in this small Gulfcoast town. Naples consistently receives an A+ rating for low crime rates as compared to the rest of US cities.

Is Naples Florida Safe 2020?

Low Crime Rate — You can rest easy in Naples knowing that this is one of the safest areas in Florida. Naples boasts a crime rate almost 90% lower than the Florida average, and 57% safer than other US cities.

Is there a bad part of Naples FL?

Naples is in the 47th percentile for safety, meaning 53% of cities are safer and 47% of cities are more dangerous. … The rate of crime in Naples is 28.02 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Naples generally consider the east part of the city to be the safest.

Is Naples Florida worth visiting?

It’s one of the most beautiful must-see places in Florida! Not only is Naples consistently rated as one of America’s Best Vacation Spots and Best Places to Retire, it’s one of the best destinations for a Florida beach vacation — the soft white Naples Florida beaches are some of the best beaches in Florida.

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Does Naples Florida have a lot of crime?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Naples is 1 in 64. Based on FBI crime data, Naples is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Florida, Naples has a crime rate that is higher than 50% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Why is Naples Florida so popular?

Located in southwest Florida and situated next to the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is best known for its high-end shopping, an abundance of golf courses, and pristine beaches with beautiful sunsets. … Named as one of the nicest cities in Florida and one of the best cities to live in, it is no wonder why Naples is so popular.

Is Naples violent?

Particularly in Naples an unusual high homicide rate and several drug addicted people have qualified the town as the most dangerous in Western Europe.

Why are people moving to Naples Florida?

Naples is a beautiful, waterfront community, with pristine beaches and an incredible selection of luxury homes, in addition to some of the finest shopping and dining in Florida. It’s no wonder that people from all over the world come to the Naples area in search of a vacation home, second home, or retirement home.

Why is Naples Florida so expensive?

Located on the Gulf, the city of Naples has white sandy beaches and palm trees lining the streets. … The cost of living in Naples is rising, especially for housing, food, and transportation. Residents get a break on state taxes; Florida has no state income tax and no tax on pension or 401k income.

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Where is the safest place in Florida?

At number four, Coral Gables is the largest of the three Miami-Dade County cities in Florida’s top five safest, with a population topping 51K.

Safest Cities in Florida, 2019.

Rank City Safety Index
1 Sweetwater 1.21
2 Naples 1.12
3 Key Biscayne 1.06
4 Coral Gables 1

How far is Disney from Naples Florida?

Yes, the driving distance between Naples to Walt Disney World is 177 miles. It takes approximately 3h 32m to drive from Naples to Walt Disney World.

Are there alligators in Naples Florida?

Florida’s largest reptile, the American alligator, dwells here in abundance, as do birds like anhingas, egrets and herons. Merely driving along Tamiami Trail (Highway 41), you can spy gator snouts poking from canals that border the road.

What airport do you fly into for Naples Florida?

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)

The Southwest Florida International Airport, or RSW, is the leading option for commercial flights. It is about 45 minutes south of Naples, in Fort Myers, which may seem like a lengthy ride. Despite this, it is still the closest commercial airport to the city.

Is Naples Florida a wealthy area?

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, with the sixth highest per capita income in America, and the second highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the US..

Is Naples Fl safe from hurricanes?

3. Southwest Florida (Fort Myers-Naples) Southwest Florida is often spared some of the worst of hurricane season, but that doesn’t mean that significant storms don’t make their way around the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Irma is the worst hurricane to have hit the Fort Myers-Naples area in recent history in 2017.

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Can you swim in Naples Florida in January?

Is it warm enough to swim in Naples in January? Average water temperature in Naples in January is 68.2°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. … Average high air temperature in Naples in January is 75°F, and average low temperature is 53°F.