Best answer: Are coastal areas potential tourism destinations?

More than half of today’s world population live in coastal areas (within 60 km from the sea) and this number is on the rise. Additionally, among all different parts of the planet, coastal areas are those which are most visited by tourists and in many coastal areas tourism presents the most important economic activity.

Why coastal areas attract tourists?

Coastal areas are often cooler than places inland. So, on hot days people go to the beach to cool off and swim in the sea. Many people enjoy relaxing on a beach. … Coastal areas are appealing to many tourists, because of the landscape of cliffs and beaches.

What is a coastal tourism destination?

Definition. Coastal tourism refers to land-based tourism activities including swimming, surfing, sun bathing and other coastal recreation activities taking place on the coast for which the proximity to the sea is a condition including also their respective services.

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How does tourism affect coastal areas?

How does tourism damage coastal environment. Massive influxes of tourists, often to a relatively small area, have a huge impact. They add to the pollution, waste, and water needs of the local population, putting local infrastructure and habitats under enormous pressure.

Is tourism at the coast a good thing?

The income generated from coastal tourism contributes to local GDP and further economic stability. … There are nearly 200,000,000 jobs created every year which allows for coastal tourism to catapult locals into better financial situations, sometimes even out of poverty.

Why do you think tourists are especially attracted to coastal areas and islands?

Tourist are attracted towards coastal and island areas because there they get the peaceful atmosphere and clean and green environment. They get relaxation to go away from their hectic schedule.

What is coastal and island tourism?

Coastal tourism is a process involving tourists and the people and places they visit. It is more specifically defined as tourism brought to bear on the coastal environment and its natural and cultural resources. … Others condemn coastal tourism for its unacceptable consequences.

What is the coastal region known for?

The California South Coast region extends from Ventura County to the Mexican Border and includes the counties of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. It is known for its sandy beaches, surf-able waves, moderate climate, and large and diverse population.

How did the tourists enjoy on the beach?

Some tourist were enjoying their swimming, some enjoyed their ride on elephants in the beach. Whereas some foreign tourists were enjoying basking in the sun.

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What are the negative impacts of tourism in Antarctica?

Tourists, along with research scientists, may unknowingly bring seeds and spores of plants from other areas. There is the threat of pollution, eg oil spills from the cruise ships and other methods of transport.

How does coastal erosion affect tourism?

For many destinations, beach erosion is the principal concern. Declining beach conditions impact adversely on tourism revenue; but conversely, in areas where eroded beaches have been restored, tourist visits and revenues have increased (Table 5).

How does sea level rise affect tourism?

The costs of future climate change impacts on coastal tourism are enormous. … A hypothetical 1-m sea level rise would result in the loss or damage of 21 airports, inundation of land surrounding 35 ports and at least 149 multi-million dollar tourism resorts damaged or lost from erosion to the coastal beach areas.

What are the impacts of coastal development in our coastal areas?

Coastal development can cause chronic sedimentation, sewage effluent, industrial discharge, changes waterflow and run off which can harmfully affect coral growth rates and metabolic activities as well as directly kill corals. The damage doesn’t end with the construction of tourist infrastructure.

What are the pros of coastal development?

Coastal Regions: Benefits and Challenges

Coastal areas help prevent erosion; filter pollutants; and provide food, shelter, breeding areas, and nursery grounds for a wide variety of organisms.

What is the best part of the Philippines?

14 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

  1. Boracay. Boracay. …
  2. Bohol. Tarsier. …
  3. Cebu. Snorkeling with a whale shark. …
  4. Banaue. Banaue. …
  5. Vigan. Bantay Bell Tower in Vigan. …
  6. Manila. Jeepney in front of the Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, Manila. …
  7. Davao City. Philippine eagle. …
  8. Sagada. Hanging coffins of Sagada.
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