You asked: Is tenancy contract required for family visa in Dubai?

According to Dubai immigration any individual earning a salary of 4000 AED or more can sponsor their family members in a Residences visa. The other requirement is the Ejari tenancy contract of your apartment or a rental agreement on your name from any flat or residence.

Can I get family visa without ejari?

An individual must have a Ejari tenancy contract in his name in order to avail visas for his family. … Based on this, you can apply for family visas to your wife and children.

What is the new rule for family visa in Dubai?

The new family visa UAE price will be AED 100 for first-time issuance and renewal. Previously, expat residents could only sponsor their sons up to the age of 18, after which they would need to be sponsored by a student visa on providing proof of study in the UAE. The visa rules remained unchanged for daughters.

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What are the documents required for family visa?

What are the documents required for a family visa?

  • Original or photocopy passport /visa of sponsor.
  • Original emirates id of sponsor.
  • 1 picture white background from the applicant.
  • Original or photocopy passport of applicant.
  • Salary certificate (if free zone company)

Is tenancy contract required for family visa in Abu Dhabi?

Foreign nationals sponsoring dependents in Abu Dhabi must now submit a tenancy agreement registered in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Tawtheeq) in order to obtain approval for the residency permit applications for their family members.

What are the documents required for family visa in UAE?

Documents Required to Obtain a Family Visa or a Dependent’s Visa

1 Passport copies of the wife and children (valid for six months)
2 4 Passport size photos of the wife and children with a white background
3 Original Emirates ID of Sponsor
4 Insurance copy of the Sponsor

What is minimum salary requirement for family visa in UAE?

Both, employers and employees with a valid UAE residence visa can sponsor residence visas for their families. Unlike before, employees can sponsor their families regardless of their job titles if they earn a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation.

How much is wife visa in Dubai?


SERVICE TYPE Tasheera (Wife/Children Outside the UAE) COST (PER PERSON) AED 488.90
SERVICE TYPE Tasheera (Wife/Children Inside the UAE) COST (PER PERSON) AED 1,138.9
SERVICE TYPE Tasheera (Parents Inside the UAE) COST (PER PERSON) AED 488.90

Can I sponsor my sister in UAE for residence visa?

Sponsor brother sister parent children for Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah UAE visit visa. UAE residents (expats with a valid residence visa) can sponsor their first degree relatives (parents, siblings, children), and possibly second degree relatives, for a visit visa to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Sharjah, and other emirates.

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Can spouse work on dependent visa in Dubai?

Can a dependent spouse work with a Dependent Visa in Dubai? Yes, they can. But, the spouse would need to apply for a work permit to be eligible for employment because only a Residence Visa itself doesn’t qualify as a work permit.

How long does it take to get a residence visa in Dubai?

This takes anywhere between 3 to 20 days, all depending on how long it may take to conduct your background check. Now you received your Entry Permit. Entry Permit is a document allowing you to enter the country for the purpose of finalizing your resident visa process.

Can we change visit visa to family visa in UAE?

Tourist visa holder can apply or change status to investor/ partner visa, employment visa and family/ residence visa. Tourist visa holder no need to exit to any another or home country and then enter on new visa. Air Arabia and fly Dubai provides visa change services through dubai-oman-dubai service.

Can husband work wife’s visa UAE?

Married spouses can sponsor each other for a residence visa in the UAE. However, this visa does not serve as a work permit. If the spouse decides to work, he or she requires a work permit from the employer. … Those under spouse visa would need a written permission from their spouse before they can be eligible to work.

How much does it cost for family visa in UAE?

Cost of Dubai family visa – Price List

Type Situation Approximate cost
2 years visa Applicant out of Dubai 4022 AED
3 years visa Applicant is in Dubai 3750 AED
5522 AED
Applicant out of Dubai 2450 AED
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