You asked: In which position attraction can occur in between two bar magnets?

What position makes two magnets attract?

When you place the north pole of one magnet near the south pole of another magnet, they are attracted to one another. When you place like poles of two magnets near each other (north to north or south to south), they will repel each other.

What direction does a magnetic field travel between two bar magnets?

Magnetic field lines are defined to have the direction that a small compass points when placed at a location. (a) If small compasses are used to map the magnetic field around a bar magnet, they will point in the directions shown: away from the north pole of the magnet, toward the south pole of the magnet.

Where does most of the attraction occur in the bar magnet?

The behaviour of a bar magnet with its magnetic field concentrated at its north-seeking and south-seeking poles. magnetic pole, region at each end of a magnet where the external magnetic field is strongest.

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What happens if the south pole of another bar magnet is brought closer to the north pole of the magnet?

It is a familiar fact that when two magnets are brought near one another, the magnets exert a force on each other. … If two north poles or two south poles are brought near each other, the force will be repulsive. If a north pole is brought near a south pole, the force will be attractive.

At which location would you place the north pole of a bar magnet?

One end of any bar magnet will always want to point north if it is freely suspended. This is called the north-seeking pole of the magnet, or simply the north pole. The opposite end is called the south pole.

Which position on the bar magnet would have the strongest attraction to the north pole of another bar magnet?

The magnetic field of a bar magnet is strongest at either pole of the magnet. It is equally strong at the north pole when compared with the south pole. The force is weaker in the middle of the magnet and halfway between the pole and the center.

Why does magnetic field go from north to south?

When it comes to magnets, opposites attract. This fact means that the north end of a magnet in a compass is attracted to the south magnetic pole, which lies close to the geographic north pole. Magnetic field lines outside of a permanent magnet always run from the north magnetic pole to the south magnetic pole.

What direction is magnetic field?

The direction of magnetic field lines is defined to be the direction in which the north end of a compass needle points. The magnetic field is traditionally called the B-field.

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Can we isolated North Pole or south pole?

Magnetic poles always occur in pairs of north and south—it is not possible to isolate north and south poles.

At which part of the magnet the magnetic attraction is maximum?

The attractive property of a magnet is maximum at north and south poles both.

What is North Pole and south pole Class 6?

The North Pole is the Arctic region located at the center of the Arctic ocean. The South Pole comprises Antarctic continent surrounded by oceans. It is not as cold as the South Pole.