What is E39 category green card?

E39. Spouse of a skilled worker or professional classified as E31, E36, E32, or E37. EW0. Child of an alien classified as EW3 or EW8. EW3.

What does category mean on green card?

Perhaps the most mysterious information on the front of a green card is the category. Category describes the immigrant visa category that was used to admit an immigrant to the U.S. as a permanent resident or conditional permanent resident. The field is also known as “class of admission” in other USCIS documents.

What is the category number on green card?

It is located on the front side of the Green Card next to the cardholder’s USCIS number. This field is also known as class of admission. The Green Card category number is typically composed of one or two letters followed by a number. *You may check the category on your Green Card.

What is EB category green card?

These employment-based (EB) “preference immigrant” categories include: First preference (EB-1) – priority workers. Aliens with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; Outstanding professors and researchers; or. Certain multinational managers and executives.

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What is a E18 green card?

E18 – Priority worker – certain multinational executive or manager, adjusted status. E14 – Spouse of a priority worker classified as E11, E16, E12, E17, E13, or E18.

What is category E21 on green card?

E21 (equivalent of EB2) is a code for a Professional Holding Advanced Degree or of Exceptional Ability.

What is category AS6 in green card?

AS6 as you know mean you were awarded your green card after winning an asylum case. It would look extremely bad if you were to return to the country you claimed fear from and you may lose your green card by doing so.

What is E10 category on green card?

Green Card Category Codes

CX8 Child of an alien classified as CX2 or CX7 (exempt from country limitations). Conditional.
E10 Child of a priority worker classified as E11, E16, E12, E17, E13, or E18.
E11 Priority worker – alien with extraordinary ability.
E12 Priority worker – outstanding professor or researcher.

What is Green Card category AS7?

AS7 = Derivative Asylee (Spouse) AS8 = Derivative Asylee (Children/Dependents)

Is EB1 green card?

EB1 Visa (also known as Einstein Visa) is an employment based green card available to foreign nationals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, whether the sciences, the arts, education, business, or athletics.

Which one is better EB2 or EB3?

Both are employment-based visas. However, the EB2 visa is the second-preference employment visa and the EB3 visa is the third-preference employment visa. This means that EB2 visas are slightly preferred over EB3 visas. … If you qualify for both the EB2 and EB3 visa, it may be better to apply for one over the other.

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Is EB visa same as green card?

The EB-3 visa means it is the third preference employment-based (EB) green card. As with other green cards, it gives the holder indefinite / permanent residency to live and work in the United States.

What is category E19 green card?

E19. Spouse of a priority worker classified as E11, E16, E12, E17, E13, or E18. E21. Professional holding an advanced degree or of exceptional ability.

What is code 3 in immigration?

USCIS will usually collect this information for use on a card like a permanent resident card or employment authorization document (EAD) Code 3 – Fingerprinting for ten prints, index finger press print, photo, and signature.

What is category SL6?

In 1990, the government passed a little-known program giving certain individuals a SL6 legal status, which is code for special immigrant juvenile status. SL6 helps hundreds of immigrant youth each year become legal permanent residents, according to The Associated Press.