What does filing date mean for green card?

The dates for filing are typically used by National Visa Center (NVC) to notify immigrant visa applicants (green card applicants), who are outside of US to prepare themselves and submit all the relevant documents required for the Green Card Visa Interview at US Consulates.

What is green card filing date?

A: The Final Action Date on the Visa Bulletin is the date when an immigrant visa is available and a green card may finally be issued. A green card case cannot be completed (approved) unless the applicant’s priority date is earlier than the Final Action Date listed on the Visa Bulletin.

What is the difference between final action date and filing date?

Now, the “Date for Filing” determines whether or not you can submit the final immigrant visa application, and the “Final Action Date” indicates whether or not it is expected that an immigrant visa number will be available.

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Is priority date the filing date?

Priority date refers to the earliest filing date in a family of patent applications. Where only a single patent application is involved, the priority date would obviously be the filing date of the sole application.

What does filing date mean in Visa Bulletin?

The “dates for filing” chart shows which green card applicants who are living outside of the United States should go ahead and submit their application with the National Visa Center (NVC)—even though a green card is not ready just yet.

What happens when filing date is current?

If the dates for filing shows as ‘Current’ or ‘C’, then it also means that there is no wait time to apply for visa interview at the US consulate abroad to get immigrant visa. Also, similarly one can file green card applications with USCIS without waiting.

How long it takes to get green card after final action date is current?

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A GREEN CARD? After filing Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status, and related forms, your I-485 processing time can take anywhere from 8 to 14 months. The basis of your adjustment of status (e.g. family, employment, asylum, etc.) will be a significant factor. This is an approximation.

What is a filing date?

This term applies to the date that a claim or demand must be filed or presented.

What happens when green card priority date becomes current?

When No One Noticed Your Current Priority Date

Still, after your priority date becomes current in the “Application Final Action Dates” chart, you will have one year to pursue your visa or green card. … Keep track of your priority date, and take steps to pursue your application once it becomes current.

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How long is green card processing time?

In most cases, it takes about two years for a green card to become available, and the entire process takes around three years.

What does earliest priority date mean?

Priority date refers to the earliest filing date in a family of patent applications. If the earliest-filed patent application for a particular invention was a provisional application, then the filing date of the provisional is your priority date.

Can I file I 485 before priority date is current?

A priority date is the date the PERM was filed, and you can see if that date is current on the USCIS visa bulletin. Only applicants with current priority dates are eligible to file form I-485. If the priority date is not current, the application will be rejected.

What are the steps in green card processing?

There are essentially three steps in the employment-based green card application process:

  1. Labor Certification (PERM) …
  2. Immigrant Petition. …
  3. Adjustment of Status or Obtaining an Immigrant Visa.

Is priority date same as PERM filing date?

The priority date is thus the filing date of the PERM labor certification application with the Department of Labor. The beneficiary will retain this priority date when filing the I-140 petition once the DOL certifies his or her PERM labor certification application.

What happens after the I-140 is approved?

1. What happens after my I-140 is approved? First, USCIS mails the paper Approval Notice (I-797) to your employer and attorney. … Next, you will need to plan the last step of the “green card process” (or adjustment of status (AOS) to permanent resident), if it was not concurrently filed with your I-140.

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