Question: How much is foreign worker levy in Singapore?

The Skills Development Levy (SDL) is applicable for all employees rendering services wholly or partly in Singapore. The SDL is set at a minimum of $2 (for an employee earning less than $800 a month) and capped at $11.25 (for an employee earning more than $4,500 a month).

Who should pay foreign workers levy?

You are limited by a quota for your industry and must pay the monthly foreign worker levy for each Work Permit holder you employ. Find out your sector’s quota and levy requirements.

How much do you pay a foreign worker levy?

For Manufacturing & Service Sectors

Sector Quota Monthly Levy in S$
Services Employers in this sector are entitled to skilled levy rates for their foreign workers, up to 25% of the total workforce. 45% 300

Is levy paid monthly?

Rates, taxes and levies are monthly costs that the Body Corporate and local Municipality charge in order to fund the services they provide.

What is a levy fee?

Rates, taxes and levies are fees paid to the authority that services your property such as a body corporate or municipality. These fees are dependent on your property type and are paid to the authority which services your property such as a body corporate or municipality.

What is levy rate?

A tax rate is the percentage used to determine how much a property taxpayer will pay. A levy represents the total amount of funds a local unit of government may collect on a tax rate. In other words, the levy is a cap on the amount of property tax dollars a local government is allowed by law.

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