How much do Millennials spend on travel each year?

According to Copyrise, 200,000 million global tourists are Millennials and they spend US$180 billion on travel every year. Millennials take a ‘you-only-live-once’ attitude to travel.

How much do Millennials spend on travel annually?

Millennials might be budget-conscious, but according to Copyrise, each year the generation is responsible for more than 200 million tourists globally. Combined, the total spending of Millennials on travel accounts for nearly $180 billion annually.

How much did Millennials spend on travel in 2020?

While it’s true a sizable chunk spent less than $5,000 on travel in 2020, almost 41% of Millennial travelers spent $10,000 or more on travel. In all, Millennial travelers said they spent 64% more than the general traveling public on travel in 2020.

How much does Gen Z spend on travel?

Those part of Gen Z use online travel agencies to plan and book their trips, and 43% of them stay for 29 days. The total amount spent by Baby Boomers on travel reached $157 billion last year. Millennials and those who belong to the Gen Z age group spend $60 a day on travel, averaging $3,500 spent while traveling.

How much is spent on travel each year?

Leisure travelers (domestic and international) spent a total of $792 billion in 2019, up 4.1% from 2018 (not adjusted for inflation). Business traveler spending increased 2.2% to $334 billion in 2019. Of total business traveler spending, meeting and convention travelers spent $139 billion, up 2.6% from 2018.

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Do Millennials and Gen Z travel more?

At the moment, Millennials travel more than any other generation. US Millennials travel 35 days per year, while Gen Z youngsters travel 29 days per year. … Over half, more precisely, 51% of Gen Z travelers are planning international trips while 37% of them have plans for domestic vacations.

Do Gen Z travel more?


The younger Gen Z’s and Millennials are the highest spenders when they travel. Calling themselves ‘flashpackers’ they spend around about $3,500 per trip and $60 a day. Followed closely by Gen Z travellers, who travel 29 days each year.