How long can you stay in Lebanon on a tourist visa?

Yes, a visa is required to enter Lebanon. Lebanon issues VoA (Visas on Arrival) and will be administered upon your arrival at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport. While visas initially last for 1 month they can be extended up to 90 days depending on your travel plans.

What happens if you overstay your visa in Lebanon?

Travelers who have overstayed their entry visa validity in Lebanon must obtain an exit visa from General Security’s Department of Passport and Immigration prior to their departure. Individuals who are detained and awaiting deportation will remain detained until they pay the cost of their return airfare.

How long can I stay in Lebanon?

Lebanon Visa on Arrival: Initially for a period of one month, extendable for up to three months. Lebanon Embassy Visa: Visas are issued with a duration of 15 days, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months starting from the day you enter Lebanon. You can use the visa within 90 days from the date it is issued.

How can I extend my visa in Lebanon?

To extend your one-month visa to a three-month visa, go to the General Directorate of General Security in Beirut a few days before your first month ends; you’ll find the office across the road from the National Museum – head to the 2nd floor.

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How many months does tourist visa last?

The Embassy issues single-entry visas valid for 3 months, and multiple-entry visas valid for 6 months or 1 year. For all visas, visitors are allowed a maximum 59 days per stay (meaning if you have a multiple-entry visa, you will need to exit the and re-enter Philippines after 59 days in the country).

How much does a Lebanese visa cost?

Lebanon Tourist visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Embassy fee Total cost
Single entry (90 days stay) $35.00 Embassy fee:$35.00 Service fee:$209.00 Tax:$0.00 Total cost:$244.00 $244.00
Single entry (90 days stay)

Is there a lockdown in Lebanon?

Lebanon has confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders. At present, businesses and public institutions in Lebanon are operating under regular business hours and no restrictions on capacity.

Do I need visa for transit in Beirut?

Transit visa

A Transit Without Visa (TWOV) applies if the traveler is passing through an international transit area of at Beirut International Airport in order to board a connecting or to proceed by the same flight to an international destination, without entering the Republic of Lebanon or Clearing Immigration.

How long does it take to get a Lebanese visa?

Single-entry visa in advance: 15 days, one month or three months; multiple-entry visa in advance: three or six months. If applying for a visa in advance from the embassy, you must enter Lebanon within 90 days of the date of issue.

How do I get a visa for Jordan?

You will need to get in contact with the closest Jordanian Embassy in order to obtain a visa before you arrive. You will need to get in contact with the closest Jordanian Embassy in order to obtain a visa before you arrive. Visa can be obtained upon arrival.

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