Your question: What is the importance of tourism to the stakeholders?

Travellers, including business travellers, and visitors to tourism destinations, sites and attractions are perhaps the most important stakeholders. Tourists visit attractions; spend money; and may promote the attractions through word of mouth and social media if their experience is positive.

What is a stakeholder who are the stakeholders in the tourism industry?

The stakeholders in tourism destination are: local residents, local companies, media, employees, government, competitors, tourists, business associations, activists and tourism developers.

What does stakeholders mean in tourism?

consider tourism stakeholders as been. any individual or group which is in some. way involved, interested in, or affected. either positively or negatively by tourism. activities.

Who is the most important stakeholder in tourism?

Communities. The final stakeholder in tourism that is worth mentioning is the community. In fact, many would argue that this is one of the most important stakeholders in tourism.

What is the role of stakeholders?

What Is the Role of a Stakeholder? A stakeholder’s primary role is to help a company meet its strategic objectives by contributing their experience and perspective to a project. They can also provide necessary materials and resources.

Why is the community an important stakeholder?

Engaging with community stakeholders can benefit the business. Engagement not only benefits communities; it can also improve a company’s decision-making, legitimacy and competitiveness – by tapping into local knowledge, reducing conflict, boosting recruitment and preventing costly delays.

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