You asked: Are Collette tours for seniors?

Collette Cruise Tours grants AARP members $50 off per person on cruise tours; AMAC members can save between $50 and $100 per person; and Carnival Cruises offers senior fares to those more than 55 on select cruises, just as examples.

Is Collette a good tour company?

“The history, sites and excursions were wonderful. The tour guides were so knowledgeable and informative. Restaurants and hotels were very nice. The coach was very comfortable and clean and our coach driver was the best!

What is group size on Collette Tours?

You’ll share the road, a few meals, and a variety of special moments with a small, tight-knit group of just 14-24 people. Smaller groups open up more opportunities to truly experience a destination.

How many passengers does a Collette tour have?

With just 12-24 passengers, these are the personal adventures that today’s cultural explorers dream about. Collette’s Family tours bring travelers of all ages together to experience the world’s greatest destinations.

Does AARP have travel groups?

Members can also plan and book their trips on the AARP website, find information on specific destinations and keep up-to-date on travel news and tips at

Who owns Collette Travel?

When Dan Sullivan, Sr. purchased Collette it was a small company. Now, Collette employs hundreds of people around the world. So much has changed, but as the company thrives in its third generation of family ownership, the heart and soul of Collette remains the same.

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Who owns Collette?

Colette is 51 per cent owned by its founders, Colette and Mark Hayman, who started the company in 2010, and 49 per cent owned by IFM Investors, whose private equity arm acquired a major stake in 2017.

Does Collette offer small group tours?

Collette Explorations are small group guided tours that operate in slightly more off the beaten track locations. With a maximum group size of 18 guests, explore more than just the normal tourist hotspots but still travel in comfort with all of Collette’s premium inclusions.

Are Intrepid Tours good?

Intrepid Travel is well-reviewed across many of the major review sites. Most recently, many customers have taken to these sites to negatively review Intrepid’s cancellation and refund policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But overall, the actual tours are highly reviewed.

Where is Collette Travel based?

Our Headquarters are located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with divisions in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

How do I contact Collette Tours?

Call 800.468. 5955 or find an expert travel agent in your area. For all other questions and comments, fill out and submit the form below.

How many people are on Trafalgar Tours?

On Trafalgar guided vacations you will find an average of between 40 and 45 guests on First Class and CostSaver itineraries throughout Europe. There will be a maximum of 52 guests on Trafalgar trips throughout the United States and Canada.