What was the foreigner interested in?

What was the foreigner actually interested in?

Question 2 : What was the visitor actually interested in? How did his dress confuse Muni? Answer : The visitor was actually interested in the clay horse statue. He wanted to buy it and take it as a show piece for his home.

Who is the foreigner in horse and two goats?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist in india. He was rich American buisnessman who dealt in coffee. He was polite and courteous as he offered Muni a cigarette and though he did not understood Muni,he listened to him attentively.

What did the foreigner want to buy?

Explanation: When the foreigner wanted to buy the statue, Muni thought he wants to buy his goats.

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What was the foreigner actually interested in why what did he offer muni in exchange?

Ans. The foreigner offered Muni a hundred rupees for the statue. Initially, Muni thought that he is asking for change, so he guided him to get it from the headman of the village as he had a lot of money. Later, Muni thought it is the price for his two goats.

How did foreigner put him at ease?

How did the foreigner put him at ease? The foreigner was wearing khaki clothes. it made Muni think that he was a policeman or a soldier. To put Muni at ease, the other man pressed his palms together, smiled, and said, “ Namaste!”

What was Muni craving for why?

What was Muni craving for and why? Muni was tired of eating boiled drumstick leaves, so he had a craving to chew the drumstick out of the sauce.

Who was the foreigner What did the foreigners say looking at the clay horse?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist/traveller whose car stopped at Kritam as his vehicle was ran out of gas. He lookedup qt clay horse and cried ‘Marvellous’…

What made the foreigners think that he was keeping Muni from his chopping work?

(v) Muni shrunk away from the card because he thought that the foreigners in khaki was a policeman and he was presenting a warrant to arrest him. A dead body was discovered under a tamarind tree at the border between Kritam and Kuppam, a few weeks before, which had to lot of gossip and suspicions.

How old Muni actually was?

Muni was actually 70 years old. He told the shopkeeper that he was only 50 as he counted his age from the great famine that once took place in his village.

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How is the clash of cultures brought about in the story?

The clash of cultures brought about in the story ‘A horse and two goats’ written by R.K. … There is a difference in the culture, thoughts, meaning, and backgrounds of both the characters. Munni was an Indian who was simple, uneducated and do not know the English language.

Which part of the story do you find most amusing give reasons?

Answer: I think the most amusing part of the story ‘A Horse and Two Goats’ is towards the end where Muni mistakenly thinks that the foreigner is offering him money for his two goats, though it is actually for buying the clay horse statue.

How was the foreigner dressed?

The foreigner was dressed in khakhi clothes just like in the policeman’s attire. Muni feel the urge to run when he first laid eyes in him because he thought foreigner as a police man who had come to inquire about the murder that had happened there.

What did the foreigner tell Muni about his language?

Muni only knew Tamil language and the foreigner knew only English language. There was a communication problem due to language barrier. When foreigner was asking him about the statue, Muni thought he was a policeman and was interrogating.

How does the foreigner show his interest in the old man’s pets does it work on the old man?

A subtle tone of humour makes the portion enjoyable. “The foreigner followed his look and decided that it would be a sound policy to show an interest in the old man’s pets. He went up casually to them and stroked their backs with every show of courteous attention. Now the truth dawned on the old man.

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What was the foreigner first question to Muni?

When muni first saw the foreigner he thought that he is a police and he get scared as he is a villager who haven’t seen such people like this foreigner and he wanted to run away from that place…