What are the advantages of tourism in the Burren?

As a visitor, you can expect to gain privileged insights and knowledge about the Burren. You can also be assured that we have adopted environmentally sustainable practice and that we actively contribute to the conservation of our local biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Should Tourist be allowed in the Burren?

“The Burren is a very fragile ecosystem and, unless tourists respect it, the precious flowers will become endangered.” … Signs dotted throughout the Burren advising tourists not to remove flowers might detract from the beauty of the area: but signs situated on the periphery of the area could, he feels, be considered.

What is special about the Burren?

The Burren is renowned for its remarkable assemblage of plants and animals, and over 70% of Ireland’s species of flowers are found there. The region supports Arctic–alpine and Mediterranean Basin plants side-by-side, due to the unusual environment.

What problems have they had in the Burren?

Ocean acidification and loss of marine life. Increased strength of storms, monsoons and hurricanes. More flooding in some areas. More drought in some areas.

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What can u do at the Burren?

The top attractions to visit in The Burren are:

  • Clare Coastal Walk Project.
  • Burren Birds of Prey Centre.
  • Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark.
  • Doolin Cave.
  • The Burren National Park.

How many tourists visit the Burren each year?

The Burren and Cliffs of Moher already has a very well-developed tourism offering, with the Cliffs of Moher attracting over one million visitors per year and the adjacent Burren having a National Park, visitor centres, managed archaeological sites, numerous walking and cycling trails, top quality food and accommodation …

Can you fly drone in the Burren?

Drone Usage

The NPWS does not allow the usage of drones on their properties unless specific permission has been granted to do so.

How much does it cost to visit the Burren?

4. Is the Burren free to visit? It’s free to visit the Burren National Park, and it’s open all-year-round.

What makes the Burren a significant landscape?

Glaciation & Glacio-Karst landscape

The Burren is one of the finest examples of a Glacio-Karst landscape in the world. At least two glacial advances are known in the Burren area. However, it is probably the effects of the last glaciation (the Midlandian) that are most in evidence in the National Park.

Can you camp in the Burren?

Camping is forbidden in Killarney, Burren and Glenveagh national parks. If you are considering camping in any of the allowed areas, you must strictly adhere to the rules set out and the principles of Leave No Trace.

Which is better Doolin cave or aillwee cave?

Doolin cave is definitely worth a visit. Exploring the Burren can take a few hours or ‘years’ depending on your interests in archaeology, flora , geology or holywells. Ailwee caves also has the added feature of the Birds of Prey centre which is worhtwhile.

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How long is Lahinch beach?

The beach itself is over one mile long, stretching from Lahinch resort town to the mouth of the Inagh River.

How can I see the Burren in Ireland?

The Burren Beauty Drive takes in Ballyvaughan, Carran, Kilfenora, Lisdoonvarna, Fanore, Black Head, and returning to Ballyvaughan. A distance of 66km (41 miles), approximately. Your route encircles the Burren, beginning at the ancient cathedral town of Kilfenora with its excellent Burren Interpretive Centre.