Question: How much did tourism bring to Ireland in 2019?

Expenditure from inbound tourism in Ireland accounted for the highest figure in 2019, generating around 5.58 billion euros.

How much money does tourism bring to Ireland?

The Irish tourism industry earned an estimated €9.3 billion in 2019 – down 1% on the record high of 2018. 9.7 million overseas tourists spent close to €5.2 billion in the country, plus an estimated €1.75 billion by visitors in fares paid to Irish air and sea carriers.

How many tourists visit Ireland in 2019?

Over 11.3 million tourists were welcomed on the island of Ireland in 2019, +100k more than in 2018 [+1% increase]. The island of Ireland generated €5.9/£5.1 billion in 2019.

How much did tourism generate in 2019?

In 2019, tourism in Australia accounted for 3.1% of the national GDP, contributing $60.8 billion to the Australian economy. The means that tourism GDP grew at a faster rate than the national economy. Of this, 26% came from international visitors to Australia while 74% came from domestic tourism.

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How many tourists visited the greater Dublin area in 2019?

Dublin recorded the highest number of overseas tourist visits among all regions in Ireland in 2019. That year, this area reported roughly 6.6 million overseas visits, while the South West ranked second with around 2.36 million visits overall.

How big is tourism in Ireland?

1. Ireland received 11.3 million overseas visitors in 2019, the highest number to date. 2019 had been a huge year for the Republic of Ireland’s tourism as the country received a record-high total of 11.3 million international tourists, which is 100,000 more than 2018.

How many tourists visited Ireland 2020?

Over Four Million Tourists Visited Ireland In 2020, Here’s Where From.

How many tourists visited Ireland in 2018?

Record year for Tourism Ireland with 11.2m visitors in 2018. 2018 has been the best year ever for Irish tourism, according to Tourism Ireland’s end-of-year figures.

How much is the tourism industry worth?

Tourism contributes £106 billion to the British economy & GDP and supports 2.6 million jobs. By 2025 the UK tourism industry will be worth over £257 billion, around 10% of the UK GDP. The industry supports 3.8 million jobs and has a huge impact on the UK economy.

How many people visited Northern Ireland in 2019?

The key points are: In 2019 there were an estimated 5.3 million overnight trips in Northern Ireland. This includes trips by external visitors to Northern Ireland and domestic trips taken by local residents.

How many tourists visit Dublin per year?

The organisation is aiming to grow overseas tourism revenue to €6.54 billion and visitor numbers to 12 million by 2022 as part of its new three-year strategy.

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What country visits Ireland the most?


Rank Country Visitors
1 United Kingdom 3,163,900
2 United States & Canada 1,328,600
3 Germany 455,700
4 France 396,000

Which 4 countries had the highest amount of tourists in 2019?

Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals

Rank Destination International tourist arrivals (2019)
1 France
2 Spain 83.5 million
3 United States 79.3 million
4 China 65.7 million

How much money is spent on tourism each year?

Globally, travel and tourism’s direct contribution to GDP was approximately 4.7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. When looking at countries that directly contributed the most to global GDP the United States’ travel and tourism industry contributed the largest sum at 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020.

How big is the travel industry 2019?

Tourism made up 10 percent of global GDP in 2019 and was worth almost $9 trillion, 1. See “Economic impact reports,” World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), making the sector nearly three times larger than agriculture.