Is return ticket required for family visit visa Qatar?

Health Insurance and Return Ticket Now Required for Family Visit Visas. Health insurance and a return ticket are now required to apply and receive approval for family visit visas – a number of applications have been rejected due to a lack of these conditions.

Is return ticket required for visitor visa to Qatar?

The visa will be valid for one month and can be extended for another 3 months if required. The applicant for such a visa should hold a return ticket. … Visitors seeking to avail this visa scheme may be asked to present official documentation, stating their profession on entry into Qatar.

What are the requirements for visit visa in Qatar?

Documents Required for Qatar Family Visit Visa

  • Applicant’s Qatar ID copy.
  • Visitor’s Passport copy.
  • Proof of Relationship (Wife: Notarized Marriage Certificate / Children: Birth Certificate)
  • No objection letter from employer, citing profession and salary.
  • Work contract (Notarized by the Labor Department)
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What is the minimum salary for family visa in Qatar?

FAQ on Qatar Family Residence Visa

To be eligible for sponsoring your family in Qatar, you should have a minimum salary of QR 10,000 or QR 7,000 with family accommodation provided by the employer.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Qatar visit visa?

All visitors to Qatar are now required to buy health insurance from Seha for the duration of their stay in the country as part of their visa and entry formalities.

Do you need return ticket to Doha?

Yes, return ticket is required when you travel from India to Doha or Maldives but only if you are seeking an on arrival visa .

When visit visa will open in Qatar 2021?

18 JULY 2021 UPDATE: Online applications for Qatar Tourist Visa is currently suspended. Fully vaccinated travellers eligible for visas on arrival can apply for pre-travel approval to visit Qatar.

How can I change my family visit visa to work visa in Qatar?

Guide to Changing a Family Visa (Visit) to a Residence Visa in Qatar

  1. Download and fill out the application form.
  2. Attach the following documents:
  3. A copy of employer QID.
  4. A copy of the valid passport of the person to be brought in.
  5. An attested copy of marriage contract and birth certificate for children.

How can I extend my family visit visa?


  1. Login to your Absher account, Verify your mobile, Then Go to ‘eServices’ from top and then ‘Passports’ from left menu, then click on ‘Extend Visit Visa’.
  2. Click on ‘Proceed’ in next page, Then click on “Extend Visa” of the visitor you want to extend.
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When visit visa will open in Qatar?

Qatar Visa On Arrival: Now Open (Full Guide – January 2022) In August 2017, the State of Qatar made a landmark announcement that it will allow visa-free entry for citizens of more than 80 countries, with immediate effect, making it the most open country in the Middle East.

Can a wife sponsor her husband in Qatar?

In Qatar, a wife can only sponsor her husband and children if she holds a residence permit for certain professions and her salary is not less than QR10, 000.

Which profession is eligible for applying family visa in Qatar?

The Ministry of Interior said that employees in private sectors who have technical professions and has a minimum salary of QR 10,000 are eligible for a family visas. For employees with a minimum salary of QR 7,000 can still apply as long as their sponsor or employer provides a free family accommodation.

How can I check my family visa status in Qatar?

Check Qatar Visa Status

  1. Visit official website: Go to official website of Qatar state of Qatar ministry of interior.
  2. Click on Inquiries: See MOI services in menu and click on Inquiries.
  3. Select visa Inquiry: You will see visa inquiry and printing section.

How do I use family RP in Metrash2?

Online instructions for the Metrash2 mobile app

  1. Login to your Metrash 2.
  2. Click on “Visa Services” and then on “Visa Operation”.
  3. Find the “Family Applications” icon and click.
  4. On the “Family Applications” page, click on “New Application”
  5. Fill in all the required details for your family, and click on “Validate’.
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How long does it take to get Schengen visa from Qatar?

In general, the processing time for applications for the Schengen visa for Qataris and residents is three weeks, so you will want to submit your visa application at least three weeks before you intend to travel (and no earlier than 6 months before).

What is international travel insurance?

International travel insurance policy protects you from financial drainage in case of loss of checked-in baggage, passport loss, extra accommodation costs, etc.