How long does a protection visa take to process?

The Protection Visa has a processing time of 90 days, from the date of lodgement. For assistance and expert guidance related to visa services, look no further than CECA.

How long is protection visa?

How Long Is a Protection Visa 866 Valid For? A protection visa 866 is a permanent visa and is valid indefinitely. However, an 866 visa, just like any other Australian permanent visa, has a travel expiry after 5 years.

How long does a temporary protection visa last?

A TPV lasts for three years, and once the visa expires after three years, the holder has to reapply for another TPV. TPV holders will have: Access to some medical and welfare services. No access to family reunion or travel rights.

Can I travel on protection visa?

​A protection visa holder with Condition 8559 attached to their visa must apply to the Department for permission to travel to their home country, or country from which they sought protection, before they depart. They may make their request in writing or orally in person or by telephone at any office of the Department.

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What is temporary protection visa Australia?

This visa is for people who arrived in Australia without a visa, and want to seek asylum. It lets you stay in Australia temporarily if you engage Australia’s protection obligations and meet all other requirements for the grant of the visa.

Can protection visa be Cancelled?

Under section 501F of the Migration Act, once a person’s application for a visa is refused or his or her visa is cancelled under section 501, all visas issued to that person, except for a protection visa or a type of visa specified in the Migration Regulations, are cancelled, and all applications for visas other than a …

How much does a protection visa cost?

If you are an illegal maritime arrival (IMA) and did not apply for a Protection Visa before 1 October 2017, you can no longer apply for protection. You must leave Australia. If this applies to you, get legal advice. Application fee is $35.

Is bridging visa A temporary visa?

Overview. A bridging visa is a temporary visa we might grant you in certain circumstances.

What is a 785 visa?

What Is an Australia Protection Visa 785? This is a temporary Australian protection visa given to persons who fulfill the protection requirements. A temporary protection visa 785, is issued to those that entered Australia illegally and cannot meet the criteria for a permanent protection visa 866.

What is safe haven visa?

A Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) is one of two types of temporary protection visas available to those claiming asylum who come by boat. … The visa provides protection for five years (compared to the three available under the TPV).

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Can you work on a temporary protection visa?

Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) are a type of visa available to people who arrive in Australia without a visa and are found to be owed protection obligations. … TPV holders are permitted to work (potentially subject to certain restrictions), and have access to Medicare.

Can Protection visa apply for PR?

A permanent Protection visa (subclass 866) allows you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. You might be eligible for a permanent Protection visa (subclass 866) if you: … engage Australia’s protection obligations. meet our health, character, security and identity requirements.

Can protected persons be refused permanent resident?

They may be granted permanent residence. … An application for permanent residence by an inadmissible person will be refused in this case. Refusal of the application does not affect the determination regarding the need for protection, and any applicant who is a protected person may remain in Canada.

How long does it take for a Australian visa to be approved?

How long does it take to get a Australian visa or ETA? Standard processing time for the Australian visa and ETA is 24 hours. Rushed visas can be done sooner then 24 hours and super rushed processing time takes 1 hour.

What is Australia’s protection obligations?

Australia’s primary obligation to asylum seekers and other persons in Australia who are deemed in need of protection is to ensure that they are not refouled (returned) to their countries where they may face persecution, torture or death.

What is a subclass 866 visa?

Protection visa is for people who are in Australia and want to apply for protection. It lets you stay in Australia permanently if you arrived on a valid visa, engage Australia’s protection obligations and meet all other requirements.

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