How do I get my money back if a travel agent goes bust?

If your travel agent goes bust, contact your tour operator, your accommodation provider and/or your flight provider/airline. If you booked through a travel agent and your tour operator goes out of business, contact your agent for assistance.

What happens if a travel agent goes bust?

Package holidays with flights have ATOL protection to protect you if a travel firm goes bust. … All UK firms selling holidays with air travel must be signed up to ATOL (look for the logo, see right). If the worst happens, under ATOL you’ll get a refund for your holiday or an alternative holiday/transport.

Do you get a refund if holiday company goes bust?

Booking a package holiday is one of the safest ways to secure your money in case your holiday company goes bust. As long as the company is ATOL-registered opens in new window – which most travel companies in the UK are – you will receive a full refund from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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Does ATOL cover company going bust?

Air Travel Organisers’ Licence (ATOL)

Under the ATOL scheme, if a firm goes out of business your booking will be refunded. If it happens when you are abroad you will be able to finish your holiday and fly home. You can check if your tour operator has an ATOL(external link opens in a new window / tab) .

Does travel insurance cover tour operator goes bust?

Fortunately, travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits can help. The financial default of a travel supplier can be a covered reason for trip cancellation. This means your tour operator, airline, or cruise line ceases all operations due to its financial condition, whether or not it files for bankruptcy.

Can I get my deposit back if company goes into administration?

Will you get your money back? You’ve ordered something from a company that goes into administration before fulfilling your order. … If you need to get a refund through the administrators, don’t count on getting all your money back. You may be lucky to get anything.

How long does it take to get an Atol refund?

We aim to acknowledge claims within 5 working days of receipt. If your claim is fully completed and we do not require any additional information or evidence, we aim to process your claim in a timely manner. Under normal circumstances, we estimate this to be 28 working days from receipt of your completed claim.

What’s the difference between ATOL and ABTA?

What is the difference between ABTA and ATOL? ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licensing) sits alongside ABTA but is specifically designed to cover people who fly. Whereas ABTA covers rail, road, or sea travel holidays. Many ABTA tour operators also provide bonds to the Civil Aviation Authority under the ATOL scheme.

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What happens if I don’t pay the rest of my holiday deposit?

By not paying on time, you’ve broken the contract. The travel company is likely to reserve the right to cancel your booking without giving you prior notice (such as sending you a reminder) and to apply its cancellation charges, which will usually mean you forfeit your deposit.

Does Atol cover Covid?

RCNs issued after 10 March 2020 and midnight 19 December 2021 solely due to the Covid-19 pandemic will have ATOL will have ATOL protection.

Does travel insurance cover administration?

Travel insurance including End Supplier Failure

Many comprehensive travel insurance policies will also include cover for the financial failure of an “end supplier” such as a hotel or scheduled airline. Policies that offer this cover will protect you in the event of a travel company going into administration.

What happens if a company is not ABTA protected?

ATOL cover means that if your travel company fails and your holiday can no longer go ahead you will be entitled to a refund if you are yet to travel, and hotel costs and flights home if you are abroad. … However, it is important to note that flights booked directly with airlines are not protected under the ATOL scheme.

Does any travel insurance cover insolvency?

Most travel insurance policies that include bankruptcy, financial default or financial insolvency as a covered event under trip cancellation require the bankruptcy or financial default event to occur at least 10 days after the effective date of the policy.

Does travel insurance cover airline liquidation?

Does travel insurance cover airline insolvency? Most travel insurers exclude cover if your airline or travel providers, such as hotels and cruise lines, become insolvent. In our travel insurance comparison, only 22 out of 132 policies cover insolvency of a travel provider.

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