Do you need a tour guide for Egypt?

Let me be the first to tell you; having a private guide for your Egypt tours is a definite must. A private tour to The Great Pyramids of Giza is a must when planning your dream trip to Egypt.

How much does a tour guide cost in Egypt?

200 USD per person is a good price for a day trip. If Sakkara was included it could rise by 50 LE for the extra entrance fees as the egyptian guide had suggested.

Do I need a tour guide for the Egyptian Museum?

If you want to go to the museum with a guide, which can be a very good idea, you should make sure that he or she is a certified guide. … A guidebook or a guide is a definite must. There are more than 120.000 things on display (not a million like another reviewer claimed) but more than 120.000 is also quite a number.

Can you tour Egypt on your own?

Egypt is actually extremely cheap to travel on your own, with decent infrastructure built out for the major tourist spots. You just have to be careful and do your research beforehand on what prices to expect and look up reviews before booking anything.

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Is tour guide necessary?

A Tour Guide is important to plan your trips properly without any surprises about the new place. They are required because they help organize, manage and plan the whole trip for you so that you can just concentrate on enjoying the destination and leave everything else on them.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

Egypt is actually a very affordable destination and can be done on a budget. Should you choose, there are plenty of luxury tour options as well. Especially when it comes to Nile River cruises. Overall, it’s one of the cheaper and more rewarding destinations I’ve visited.

Can you go inside the pyramids of Egypt?

Entering the Pyramids

Tourists are allowed to enter all three of the great pyramids, for a fee, of course. That is, you can go into the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure as long as you pay for a ticket. That’s the good news.

How many hours does the Egyptian Museum take?

Opening hours: 09:00- 19:00 Fri 09:00- 11:00; 1:30- 19:00 Ticket Price(s): Regular: 60 EGP Student: 30 EGP Mummies Room: Regu…

How long does the Egyptian Museum take?

How Long to Allow for Your Visit? You could spend days here, like most museums, but allow 2-3 hours.

Why should I visit the Egyptian Museum?

The best way to follow up your trip to the pyramids is by visiting the Egyptian Museum. This massive facility contains more than 100,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt, including sarcophagi, jewelry and pottery. It would take almost a year to explore the museum in its entirety.

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Is 10 days in Egypt enough?

With 10 days in Egypt, you have plenty of time to go beyond the pyramids and experience the highlights of this amazing country. … The list continues, with visits to the spectacular temples at Abu Simbel, the enormous Karnak Temple in Luxor, and the ancient pyramids in Dahshur and Saqqara.

How many days do I need in Egypt?

How many days to spend in Egypt. If you are looking to enjoy the main highlights of Egypt, seven days will be enough. One week is the perfect amount of time for touring Egypt. This allows you to see places like Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor while cruising along the Nile River.

Is 5 days in Egypt enough?

Having 5 days in Egypt is not much time, but you can definitely get the essence of Egypt in this time. In such a short trip, you should start with Cairo and visit the Pyramids. Alexandria and Luxor should also be included. Here is a perfect itinerary for spending 5 days in Egypt.