Do Nepali citizens need a visa for India?

(B) A citizen of Nepal or Bhutan must be in possession of a Passport when entering India from a place other than Nepal/ Bhutan. (C) A citizen of Nepal or Bhutan must have a visa for India if he/she is entering India from China, Macau, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Maldives.

Can Nepali citizens travel to India?

Nepali nationals should possess either passports or Nepali citizenship certificate to travel to India and Indian nationals should possess either passport or voter ID to travel to Nepal by air.

How long can a Nepali stay in India?

It is necessary when a foreigner intends to stay in India continuously for a period beyond 180 days. It is mandatory in respect of foreigners visiting India on Student/Employment/Research/Entry/Medical/Medical Attendant Visas.

Which country Nepali can go without visa?

Nepal Passport Visa-free Travel 2021

American Samoa

Can Nepali girls get Indian citizenship?

The announcement of this change in Nepalese citizenship laws was made by Nepal’s Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa. … As per the new rule, any Indian girl marrying a Nepalese citizen will now get citizenship after a period of seven years.

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Can a Nepali buy property in India?

the foreign nationals residing outside india are not eligible to buy properties in india. … citizens from pakistan, bangladesh, sri lanka, afghanistan, china, iran, nepal, or bhutan who are resident in india can only purchase immovable property in india with the special permission of the rbi and government of india.

Can Nepali people get Aadhar card in India?

Application Process for Aadhaar Card for NRIs:

Any person residing in India can apply for an Aadhaar card. The process is simple and does not involve complicated paperwork.

Is there a train from India to Nepal?

KATHMANDU : India has handed over two modern trains to Nepal that would run between Jaynagar in Bihar and Kurtha in Dhanusa district from mid-December, marking the beginning of the first broad-gauge railway service in the Himalayan nation, officials said on Saturday.

How strong is Nepal passport?

Altogether, Nepal passport holders can enter a total of 37 destinations—either without a visa, through a visa on arrival, or via an eTA. As a result, the Nepal passport ranks 105 in the world.

Is Nepali passport powerful?

Currently #Nepal ranks 84 in the list of most powerful passports and #Nepali passport holders can travel to 47 countries in the world without prior visa.

Do Nepali citizens need visa for Singapore?

Nepalese do not need a visa to visit Singapore. The only document you need is a passport with at least months validity. for citizens of Nepal for a stay up to 30 days.

Does Pio work in India?

i) PIO card holders do not require a visa to visit India for a period of 15 years from the date of issue of the PIO card. … However, PIOs do not enjoy employment rights in Government of India services nor can they hold any constitutional office in the Government of India.

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Do you get citizenship if you marry an Indian?

The court observed that any person who is married to a citizen of India and has resided in India for the past seven years can make an application for citizenship by registration.

How can a foreigner marry in Nepal?

The foreigner citizen has right to marry with Nepalese citizen from any district office of Nepal. The age bar for the inter-country marriage is minimum 20 years for both parties. Evidence of Nationality (copy of passport), photographs of the applicant also needed.