Do I need a visa to visit St Petersburg from Helsinki?

If you plan to visit St. Petersburg from Helsinki by train or bus, you do need to get a Russian visa before departure.

Can you go from Helsinki to St. Petersburg without a visa?

The only way to visit St. Petersburg from Helsinki without a visa is by boat. In addition to the cruises that make a stop in St. Petersburg, it is also possible to take a direct ferry from Helsinki to St.

Can you go to St. Petersburg without a visa?

You can visit St Petersburg visa-free if you arrive in the city by ferry or by a cruise ship. This gives you 72 hours to stay in town. The 72-hour period begins from the moment of crossing border control.

Is a visa required to visit St. Petersburg Russia?

To enter Russia for any purpose, a U.S. citizen must possess a valid U.S. passport and a bona fide visa issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate. It is impossible to obtain an entry visa upon arrival, so travelers must apply for their visas well in advance.

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Does Finland need visa for Russia?

Yes, they do. Finnish citizens are required to have an invitation to obtain a Russian visa. Such a visa can be received at a Russian consulate or embassy. … Tourist visa is intended for those who travel for tourism and wish to see sights.

Do UK citizens need a visa to visit St Petersburg?

Visas. You’ll need to get a visa from the Russian Embassy before you travel. Processing times are up to 20 business days for standard service or up to 3 business days for urgent service depending upon the visa category applied for and the application itself.

How long is the ferry ride from Helsinki to St Petersburg?

The Helsinki St Petersburg ferry route connects Finland with Russia. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, St Peter Line. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 14 hours.

Can you visit St. Petersburg on your own?

Royal Caribbean has issued an advisory to guests who wish to tour the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, on their own. Guests will now be required to have an E-visa for the port, and must apply via the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

How long can I stay in St. Petersburg without a visa?

Petersburg. In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, cruise and ferry passengers may stay in the territory of the Russian Federation for 72 hours without visa if they arrive in Saint-Petersburg on board a vessel as part of a tour group.

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Who can enter Russia without visa?

Who does not need a visa to Russia?

  • Andorra (for visits of up to 90 days in any 360-day period). …
  • Antigua and Barbuda (for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period).
  • Argentina (for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period (starting from the day of first entry)). …
  • Armenia.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Belarus.

How do I get a tourist visa for St Petersburg?

What you need to apply for a Russian Tourist Visa:

  1. A passport with at least one blank page, valid for at least six months after the end of your proposed visit to Russia.
  2. A completed and signed visa application form.
  3. One recent passport sized photo.

Can foreigners enter Russia now?

There are 2 main rules for travellers who are going to visit Russia: — You must be a citizen of these countries or have a residence permit (or any other document proving the right of permanent residence). — You have to enter Russia by plane and only from the territory of your country.

How much is a visa for St Petersburg?

An online Saint Petersburg visa, also known as Saint Petersburg e-Visa, permits the holder to travel to the St. Petersburg and Leningrad regions of Russia. To obtain an E-visa for Russia, you must pay 40 USD. Start your application with to get more details about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost.

Do Russians need visa to Helsinki?

Russian travelers wishing to visit Finland need to obtain a Schengen visa first, since Finland is part of the Schengen Area made of 26 countries, including 22 European Union Member states and four other countries part of the European Free Trade Association, which are Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

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Can Finnish citizens travel to Russia?

Requirements for Russian eVisa from Finland

Allows Finnish citizens to travel to the Russian territory for tourism, business, or humanitarian purposes. Allows a maximum stay of 8 days in Russia and is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Can I go to Russia from Finland?

Fly to St.

Arrival in Russia is allowed only on direct flights from Helsinki to St. Petersburg and Moscow. A Finnish citizen is allowed to fly to St. Petersburg and Moscow without restrictions, provided he has a valid visa.