Best answer: What do you mean by Foreign employment Promotion Board FEPB?

What is foreign promotion board?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) was a national agency of Government of India, with the remit to consider and recommend foreign direct investment (FDI) which does not come under the automatic route.

What is the main objective of Foreign employment Promotion Board?

The project aims to prevent forced labour and trafficking and to protect the rights of migrant workers.

What do you mean by foreign employment information?

Foreign employment refers to being employed in a different country than that of a person’s origin.

When was Foreign employment Promotion established?

The demand for workers in industries in Middle East countries created massive opportunities. The Government of Nepal responded with the promulgation of the Foreign Employment Act, 1985.

Why is foreign employment important?

Importance of foreign employment

Foreign employment reduces the unemployment problem of a country. It may help to develop international relations with other countries because the country has to do labour contract with other countries and embassies has to be established there.

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What is the full form of FIPB?

The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), housed in the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, is an inter-ministerial body, responsible for processing of FDI proposals and making recommendations for Government approval.

Why is foreign employment considered a challenge?

The challenges seen in foreign employment are: 1)The employees are forced to work for long hours without holidays and often paid no wages. 2)Mostly, the semi-skilled and unskilled workers go to the foreign countries so, they do not get job as per the contract.

What are the subjects for four weeks training on foreign employment?

The board provides 19 different types of training, including electronics, carpentry, garment machine operation, scaffolding, house painting, cookery, security, housekeeping, plumbing, and welding.

What types of manpower go to foreign countries?

Mostly, the semi-skilled and unskilled manpower go to foreign countries.

What are the sources of information about foreign employment?

Blue, newspapers or professional journals; Red, personal contacts abroad; Green, recruitment websites.

What are the institutions to give the foreign employment information?

It has brought to its platform various government agencies like the Department of Foreign Employment, Department of Passport, Department of Immigration, Department of Consular Services, recruiting agencies, medical examination institutions, pre-departure orientation training providers, insurance companies, and select …

Why is foreign employment important for Nepal?

There is significant contribution of foreign employment on social changes and development in Nepal. Foreign employment is not only the sources of remittance but also the transformation of skill and knowledge. Foreign employment can considerably change household’s income and living standard of the people.

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