Salcedo – That Deliciously Strange Ecuadorian Ice Cream

Ecuadorian Ice Cream

The Salcedo Ice Cream

Whilst volunteering in Salasaka, Ecuador, we happened to continuously come upon these delicious Ecuadorian Ice Cream sticks. Although we had been told of many different kinds, it seemed that the variety that made its way to the stores in our little town were extremely limited.

The volunteers enjoying a lil Ice Cream on the side of the Pan-American in Salasaka

The volunteers enjoying a lil Ice Cream on the side of the Pan-American in Salasaka

As a result, Jade and I decided to spend one weekend hunting down these ice creams. This is just one small example of the plethora of reasons to be a long term volunteer… you have time to wander around on a whim.

We had heard that these little treats came from a town called Salcedo, so we sent out to figure out the bus route to get there. Luckily we had decent access to the Pan-American highway and could thus reach almost all corners of the country on any weekend.

So, we paid ten cents to the first truck that past us to bring us down to the Pan-American and hopped on the first bus heading in the right direction. The driver seemed to be a little surprised to bepicking up two extranjeros in the middle of nowhere, and even more surprised to be dropping us off in the middle of nowhere else.

Ecuadorian Ice Cream

Going after the big one (flavour – that mix of four different colours)

We pulled into our little ice cream hotspot Saturday morning and stopped at the first vendor we could find. Oh, the victory! Before lunch we had stopped at three different vendores and went througha few different kinds that we had never seen including Chocolate, Coffee, and Peanut (the only ones we knew up to this point were vanilla and some mix of four different colours). After taking a quick break to eat something with a little more sustenance, we got right back on the ice cream pilgrimmage.

By the end of the day we had gone through 9 ice creams between the two of us, a total of 6 different flavours and had both come up with a surprisingly unanimous decision regarding the best flavour… Of all the most whacked out notions that people had told us; the ice cream myths and legends that we were privy to; the different palates that we possessed between a coffee loving Canadian and chocolate loving Frenchie… our favourite kind was unthinkable…

Yup, that’s right… I’m not even ashamed to admit that the best type of Ecuadorian Ice Cream is the highly sought after, the legendary, the mythical, the almost unattainable and never spoken of foodgasm of that fatty green fruit, Avocado!


2 thoughts on “Salcedo – That Deliciously Strange Ecuadorian Ice Cream

  1. Elena

    Haha, I spent 2 months in Ecuador travelling non stop and I’ve never heard of the ice cream or the town of Salcedo. Interesting though! I’m not surprised you liked the avocado flavour, that would be my favourite too probably!

    • Jonny Jenkins Post author

      Hahaha… Soooo… Not that famous?! You must’ve seen the Ice Creams though, no? I mean, it took us awhile to figure out what they were called, and even longer to find out that Salcedo was a town… So not too surprised on that front… but in the Andes, we saw the little popsicle stick ice creams everywhere!!!!


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