5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

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There’s many great reasons to learn Spanish.

If you’re planning any sort of travel, you’ll get more out of the experience by speaking the language. However, it can be a an overwhelming task. Furthermore, every country has its own language, so how do you choose? I assume that you speak English, and although I’ve made my case for learning French here, I strongly urge that Spanish be the first language you learn, here’s why:

1) Easy to Learn

Yes, I said it, it’s easy to learn… of course I mean that in comparison to other languages. Spanish has rules, that are followed consistently. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s exceptions to each rule… but even the exceptions have rules! It’s amazing. Just think of the ridiculousness of English, (house –>houses, mouse –> mice, goose —> geese, moose —> moose… wtf?!) and relish in the fact that Spanish won’t do this to you.

2) Phonetic Spelling

In other words, it’s written the same way it sounds… This is a huge plus! Let’s look through the English lens again and pronounce for me this combination of letters ‘ough’. On the tip of your tongue? In a few words then… dough/though… done? well what about ought/bought/through? or rough/tough… you get the point, Spanish won’t do this to you. Not at all. I mean, you won’t even have to get used to different pronunciations of a vowel.. won’t that be nice!

3) Commonly Spoken

Spanish is the first language of more countries than any other language in the world. It is also in the top 5 in the world for most commonly spoken languages. If you are going travelling, Spanish probably opens more doors than any other language (apart from English). The added bonus here is that even when you are not travelling in a Spanish speaking country, there’s a good chance you’ll run into someone who speaks Spanish and thus have an opportunity to practice it.

4) Family Matters

You know how everyone always says, “Once you speak two languages, it’s easy to learn a third?” Well this is that much more true if the third language is related to the second (although it does make it easier to mix them together). By learning Spanish you will get a head start in French and Catalan, will be understood by Portuguese, will be able to converse (slowly) with Italians and will be able to read some Latin… All for the price of learning one easy language.

5) Too Sexy

As soon as you learn to roll that ‘rrrrrr’ you’ve got a sex appeal that you never had before. I won’t go as far as to say that this is the best reason to learn Spanish, but it’s got to be mentioned. When you’re travelling through Spanish speaking countries you’ll get tons of credit for being able to speak it, and be the ‘sexy foreigner’ that can speak the language; when you’re at home, it may be a party trick that makes you come off as the ‘sexy world traveler’… either way you win!

Wondering how? Find out how to learn a language here. Or even take a look at why French is useful as a traveler here.

Now that you’ve done your research and have the reasons, get out there and start learning Spanish.

Done with Spanish and French? Take a look at how my daydreaming during business classes provided me with a decision matrix in order to decide which language to learn next.

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

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  2. Kelly

    As a Spanish language learner myself, this is especially interesting. And I have to agree with #5. My husband is a native speaker and it’s true…it’s very sexy. And you’re right..knowing Spanish makes the other Romance languages easier to learn…or at least understand.

    Great post!


    • Jonny Jenkins Post author

      Hey Kelly,

      Thanks so much for dropping by, great to have your input. I loved learning Spanish, and still use it everyday. Congratulations on the sexy hubby by the way ;).
      Have you found yourself in conversations in some of the other Romance languages and if so, do you find one particularly closely related to Spanish?

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