No Reservation for The Inca Trail? No Problem!

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Inca Trail Alternative

The Inca Trail is a great experience and if you have it lined up, then good on ya, It’s a fantastic way to get to Machu Picchu. The problem is that everyone tells you that you need to reserve 6 months in advance in order to get onto the Inca Trail… and they’re not lying. Even showing up and waiting for a cancellation doesn’t work because when one person cancels their spot DOES NOT get replaced with a new person.

On the Inca/Jungle Trail

On the Inca/Jungle Trail

But don’t fret, there’s an alternative.

The alternative is to take the Inca/Jungle trail. It’s a real bargain for anyone out there trying to get a great experience, but not dead set on hiking the whole way in. It is 4 days/3 nights. You will be on the Inca Trail long enough to get a real feel for it, have a wicked day of biking, cross rivers in little cable cars and even go ziplining if you wish. For any ecotourist, it is a great experience.

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